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What Hunter S. Thompson & The Rock Can Teach Us About Life

When asked by a friend for his advice on life, a then 22-year old Hunter S. Thompson was reticent to reply. Who the hell was he to tell someone else how to live? The young writer had yet to become the famed gonzo philosopher and eccentric adventurer we know him as today.

“What is truth to one may be disaster to another,” he warned.  However reluctant, Thompson’s guidance proved noteworthy, and remains wisdom we can all stand to learn from:

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Caravaggio was a Badass

Back in April, 2016, I had the greatest opportunity of visiting JAPAN! We spent some time in Tokyo and explored the Caravaggio exhibition at the Museum of Western Art. In this video, artist Stephanie Patsula offers her insight into the BADASS MUTHAFUCKA that Caravaggio evidently was.

The Best Album of 2016 is Sugary Video Game Inspired Hip-Pop

OK, I have to divulge something rather private. While I have always been a lover of nearly anything resembling music, I’ve felt myself drifting from the world of vocal and instrumental sounds as of late.

Though not by intentional design, I’ve been spending more aural time with audiobooks and podcasts. When I do put on music these days, I’m a little bit ashamed to admit that it’s generally relegated to the dreaded “background atmosphere zone.” And that’s not how any self-respecting musician wants to be listened to.

But my ears were pleasantly perked to rapt attention thanks to Kero Kero Bonito’s new album, Generation Bonito, released October 20th, 2016. Kero Kero Bonito, or KKB for short, is the type of group whose mission objective may just be tickling my fancy in all the right places. Sometimes a band just gets you.

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Big, Bad, Barron

What’s in a name? We’re all born with one. We have no say in it, whatsoever. Yet many grow to take great pride in their surname. Others may find themselves in loathe of their title, and a rare few will go so far as to change it entirely.

Whether we like it or not, our family name comes to describe us, our history, and our legacy. When we hear our name, our ears perk up. And when our name pops up in popular culture, we take special note.

Which is why I paid a little extra attention while viewing the recent film, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Going in, I knew very little about the movie. I didn’t know it was based on a novel by Ransom Riggs. I didn’t even realize it was directed by Tim Burton. And I most certainly did not know that the film’s villain, played by the ever astute Samuel L. Jackson, was soberingly christened Mr. Barron.

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Seven Stages to a Killer Halloween Costume

Sometimes you know exactly what you’ll dress up as. Other times, you have no fuckin’ clue.

Halloween of the Previous Year

It’s All Hallows’ Eve and you’re keeping it festive with the homies. Your crew hits as many parties as possible, making the most of the best night of the year. Across the town you observe a variety of incredible, amazing, and positively stupefying costumes.


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Baby, Don’t Fear the Robots

In the last post I discussed my decision to move from traditional, human financial advisor to newer, fancier, more efficient robo-advisor. The reduced fees will help me save thousands on my investments in the long-term, with no loss in service quality. And I’m not the only one making this type of change.

Currently, only a relatively “small” portion of assets ($53 billion) can be attributed to robo-advisors. But that amount is projected to be closer to $7 trillion — 35% of current total invested assets — within the next decade. Clearly, conventional investing firms have something to be concerned about.

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Financial Planning and the Robot Revolution

Picture this: the year is 2003. The setting, high school math class. An enthusiastic teacher bobs before his class of dazed and confused adolescents, encouraging them to consider their financial future.

“If you start now and put only $50 away each month, by my age, you could be a millionaire!” He challenges. Such was the magic of compound interest. Yet all my classmates and I could hope for was the magic of the lunch bell.

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Laser Eye Surgery: Procedure & Recovery

It’s been just about a week since I had my eyes operated on. I can safely say that it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. Though I’m still recovering, my vision is the best it has ever been.

The procedure took place at London Eye Centre in New Westminster, BC. As I currently live several hours away, I had planned to have my consultation and surgery on the same day, which the Centre assured me was common for out-of-town patients.

First, a series of tests were performed, measuring the thickness of my cornea and confirming my prescription. As noted in my previous post, I chose IntraLase SBK surgery over PRK due to minimized recovery time. However, the Centre wasn’t able to confirm whether I could undergo SBK until I completed the consultation tests. Some people are only eligible for PRK due to thin corneas. Luckily, I was an ideal candidate for SBK. Yes!

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Hip to Death: The Importance of Goodbyes

“Have you ever heard of The Tragically Hip, grandpa? Their singer is dying of cancer. They’re performing their last ever show tonight in Kingston, Ontario, but it’s being broadcast all across Canada. They’re showing it tonight in Riverside Park.”

My grandpa George stared at me, half-aware. He hadn’t heard of the iconic Canadian rock band, but I thought I saw a flicker of recognition in his pallid gaze at the mention of cancer.

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